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Lab Processed Temporaries 

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Technics Dental Lab fabricates beautiful provisional restorations your patients can feel comfortable in during the interim of their case.  Terrific Temps offer a durable and esthetic provisional restoration perfect for immediate smile makeovers, restoring lost vertical dimension, contoured healing for ovate pontics or anterior extractions, and durable bridges for patients in periodontal or implant treatments.

At Technics Dental Lab, we offer cast metal, wire and fiber provisional restorations, and act as an excellent diagnostic tool for patient preview and critique of your proposed aestethic solution. 

For the most intimate fit, simply send us your impressions or pre-operative models in any cold cure acrylic and we will do the rest!

Serving South Florida and nationwide, the pros at Technics Dental Lab are here to assist!


- Emily K.

Eva is the BEST! She does amazing work and matched my two front crowns perfectly!!! "

Technics Dental Lab

Phone: (800) 322-3485

Fax: (954) 969-9847

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