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Full Cast Restorations

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Gold full cast restorations are a classic, durable option for crowns, bridges, inlays and inlays. Gold restorations are completely biocompatible with gingival tissue and remarkably resistant to plaque, due to gold's coefficient of expansion being so similar to that of natural tooth structure.

All full cast restoration models are double poured to check contacts on uncut models. Models are set to your bite registration, checking centric, lateral and protrusive excursions. All full cast gold restorations are closed and thinned under a microscope to the highest marginal integrity (40 microns or less). The emergence profile can be flat or negative. Your finished gold full cast restoration will be highly polished to a mirrored surface free of scratches, pits, or sharp angles.


Traditional tooth preparations and seating materials are suitable, making bonding procedures unnecessary.

Contact the professionals who care at Technics Dental Lab in South Florida, serving clients nationwide. 


- Emily K.

Eva is the BEST! She does amazing work and matched my two front crowns perfectly!!! "

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